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Yoga on Rocks
Yoga on Rocks

The Good Retreat

Welcome to The Good Retreat, a wellness Pilates retreat where you can take time to pause, escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and reconnect with oneself. 

Our retreats are designed to help you rediscover the goodness in being authentically you. Artfully curated by Amelia, the good retreat seamlessly weaves together the principles of nourishment with wholesome meals, wellness experiences, invigorating movement classes and fun activities. 

Our mission is to empower guests to leave feeling better than they arrived.

Take action and discover the power of a good reset.

our philosophy

The Good Retreat is about empowering guests on their journey towards a greater sense of wellbeing and goodness. We provide paths of change to allow for introspection, appreciation and connection.

Respecting the Ritual:

We believe that healthy, happy beings make good beings and we become more authentically ourselves when we actively nurture our own health.

Inspiring Curiosity:

We are explorers at heart with a call to be present, opening our minds to discovery and learning. We believe that personal choice is a foundation to the journey towards a healthier, more balanced life and we make no judgements on those choices.

Aligning our Purpose:

We continue to examine what it means to connect; connecting to nature, to others and ourselves. We believe in giving back and making a collective impact.  


about your guide: amelia

Amelia is a certified Pilates instructor and passionate advocate for sustainable movement that celebrates the body. She has been a teacher of movement for over 15 years and finds great joy in helping people feel better by learning to move freely and efficiently. Her background in movement is in ballet where she first discovered the complementary practice of Pilates in developing strength and mindful practice. Her clients and their stories continue to inspire her daily and fuel her desire to support and transform lives. Amelia welcomes all to cultivate wellness and goodness on their journeys to lead healthier and happy lives. 

collective impact: in good faith

Amelia is reimagining the ways we connect with our community. In Good Faith is our initiative to bring awareness and support to local charities and community projects. We would like to give our guests the option to make a minimum donation of $50 to the charity of our selection and in return, we would take $50 off the retreat invoice. Simply make the donation, submit the receipt and $50 will be credited to you on the invoice.

The Good Retreat and our community partners thank you for the effort in making meaningful collective change. 

This year's selected community partner:

My Friend’s House is a non-profit agency offering support for abused women and children living in the Georgian Triangle.

Yoga Retreat


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We are so grateful to align with sponsors that share similar values in making a difference in the community. 


Goodness Granola is small batch, superfood granola that is nutrient dense, organic and made in Toronto. With every bag of granola sold, GG makes a donation to critical school nutrition programs which help nourish Canadian kids who may otherwise be hungry at school. 

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